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Content Marketing is a strategy for bringing additional traffic to the website, providing material to keep people on the website longer, and creating a source of important backlinks to the website. We focus on creating reliable and valuable content, consistently, that builds an audience and leads to more actions, or conversions.

There are many variables to producing successful content and Gravity has its own list of requirements, including having your own blog on your website, producing regular and relevant blog posts, creating social media accounts, planning a budget for Facebook ads and promoted posts, maintaining a list of great blog topics, and more! This is a lot more work than people realize, which is why companies hire us to do the content for them! With 3 experienced blog writers on staff, you don’t have to worry about doing any of your own content and can leave it to us! Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Content Marketing works well when blog posts written are answers to specific questions – questions relevant to your products. For example, for a garage door company, a blog post could be about, “Best Ways to Winterize your Garage Door.” Content Marketing also works well with interesting subjects like, “Top Tips for Garage Organization” or “Best Replacement Garage Door Remotes.”  The subjects just need to be topical and relevant to the company.

Remember that posts should include interesting images (be careful about sourcing images, make sure you are not using a copyrighted picture) and don’t have to be long. Gravity suggests a post 200-400 words long! When possible and relevant, it’s also useful to link between blogs. For example, a blog could be about a certain subject but mentions another topic that you’ve already written about, so you would add a link to another blog. Create a web within your blog and between your different platforms (such as including a link to a YouTube video your company made that relates to the subject) for people to learn useful information, which helps them to trust you as a company and brand.

To make the most of Content Marketing, Gravity also recommends doing social media marketing (SMM). This is a strategy that is intended to consistently build the number of likes to your Facebook page or followers on Instagram or Twitter, growing your audience. This is a separate matter but an important part of the effectiveness of Content Marketing. It has side benefits including an ever-growing base from which to pitch products and offers.

Gravity will provide a list of links and specific anchor text to use in the blog post. This link(s) can be in the main body copy or in some kind of closing bio section. These links are important and are how Content Marketing can be a source of link development. How this works is, once the blog is published and promoted on Facebook, the odds increase of people reposting the blog or the material from the blog. The link on that blog post goes from being an internal link to an external link pointing back to a specific page on your website.

Why You Need It

Content Marketing is hugely important. Think of content like building roads, the more content you put out, the more paths you have created that lead back to your website, making it easier for people to find you, making your content more competitive, which makes your brand and your product more competitive! Content gives your company a voice. The more content you product, the louder your voice is! Content Marketing creates a consistent audience, a following of your company, who will like, share, and talk about your company for you, which brings more attention and more people back to your website.

Have you ever thought of optimizing blogs for SEO? We always make sure our clients do, in order to increase the odds that they will rank well. Once published on the website, these blogs become available in organic search and so become a source of new traffic. The amount of additional traffic can be substantial if done well, all of this just from content!

You can’t sell things online if you’re invisible and Content Marketing, paired with Social Media Marketing, is how you maintain a consistent presence, making sure no one forgets or overlooks your product for another product or business.

The Gravity Solution

To go further into detail, we always recommend that our clients create a blog platform on their website if they don’t already, preferably as a folder, not a subdomain. From there, content writers are needed that can produce ~3-4 (total) blog posts per month, which we can supply ourselves as well as a plethora of worthy blog topics, with 3 experienced blog writers on staff. But just having a blog isn’t enough! We also want to spread the word about your business via social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google +, both of which require content writing as well, that accurately and persuasively tell your audience what you do as a business, why it’s important, and why people need it! But you aren’t done there! Content marketing also includes budgeting for promoted posts and ads, which need to be fine tuned for specific audiences, and frequently monitored, tested, and adjusted to figure out exactly what your audience responds to!

As SEO experts, optimized content is also part of our expertise and plays an important role in improving your visibility to search engines. Gravity delivers almost 10 years of senior and enterprise-level Content Marketing expertise, that we pair with extensive research about your company, your brand, and your products to create a strong base of content that the search engines will trust!

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