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Social media marketing is a two-way engagement between business and consumer. Social networks, blogs, media sharing sites and the like are increasingly popular channels of communication serving tens-of-millions of people across the globe. Take advantage of it!

Utilize social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, to gain traffic and attention of the brand or business. This form of marketing requires the production of content for these specific platforms, whether it be Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blogs, or tweets, with the goal that users consume, connect, and share the content within their own social network, thereby broadening the reach of the brand or business. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Social media services have made it possible for businesses to have much richer communication strategies with their customers.  Consumers seek out transparency in a company to gain their trust. Social Media Marketing allows for companies to gain their customer’s trust and loyalty. Everything is public, everything gets noticed, nothing is overlooked, and it all works to your advantage.

Why You Need It

Today, Social Media Marketing has become a key element needed for any successful marketing campaign, with almost limitless growth potential in the millions and millions of social media users around the globe. If you aren’t including social platforms in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on substantial benefits including: Improved Search Engine Rankings, Higher Conversion Rates, More Inbound Traffic, Better Customer Satisfaction, Increased Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Marketplace Insights, And More!

The Gravity Solution

Utilizing social media marketing to its full potential means not only knowing what to talk about, but also who to talk to and where to find them. Our approach to social media takes this into account.

Who: The first step in forming a social media marketing strategy is to conduct an in-depth analysis of a business’ target audience and the online behavior of that audience. This is done by collaborating with client executives, preforming well-researched customer surveys, and applying knowledge from existing clients.

What: Once we know who we’re targeting, the next point of consideration is what we are trying to accomplish by delivering certain messages to our audience. By preforming a needs assessment, we identify a business’ most critical social media needs and focus in on satisfying those needs.

How: Devise a strategy with end goals in mind. Start with the result and then figure out how to get there keeping in mind time, cost, and resources needed. This step involves the production of a fully thought out strategy with goals, task lists to achieving those goals, all organized in timeline format with accountable team members every step of the way.

Where: The last step of our social media process is determining which tools to use to best implement the devised strategy. These tools will range from Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, micro-blogs, Wikis, Twitter, and more.

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