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Grow your business now by generating immediate traffic from Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Our aim is to turn your PPC campaigns into a solid investment, where ROI is known all the way down to the keyword.

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What Is Paid Search?

Paid search goes by many names, the common ones are: Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Marketing, and SEM. And, there are many platforms that offer businesses the ability to show ads to potential customers, the biggest of which is, by far, Google Adwords. Other leading platforms are Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Using the parlance of Internet Marketing agency speak, Paid Search is generally discussed as an ‘auction’ and what is being bid on are keywords and keyword phrases. That’s a good way of thinking of it but it’s more complicated than that. To succeed in Adwords, for example, many things need to be right: the ad itself (and all its constituent parts), the keywords being bid on, the bid itself, and then the positive or negative interaction with the targeted landing page. A positive interaction (all things working) develops a quality score and this is done at the keyword level. Get all of this right and you get a good quality score. This means that the ad costs less and you can maintain a high ranking bid. Get it wrong (literally any of this) and you will suffer all that comes with low quality scores: higher and higher bids and lower ranked ads, in many cases you can’t bid enough to get to position #1!

On other platforms, like Facebook, the ads are targeted by demographics which works more like Display search; an ad is shown if you have self-identified as “liking something,” this also includes other demographic data like age, gender, education and so on.

Then there’s retargeting, also called remarketing. This is an offshoot strategy of paid search that ‘cookies’ site visitors and shows them relevant ads and offers as they browse a network of other websites. The idea of which is to increase conversions and lower ad spend waste; better to spend a little more to not lose the original click cost.

In general, Paid Search are highly complex systems and strategies that require experience, diligence, data feedback, organization and creativity. This is also why most laypeople do not attempt to do it themselves and hire professionals!

What We Do

Gravity delivers almost 10 years of senior and enterprise-level Paid Search expertise, having built, managed, tuned and tailored hundreds of campaigns and carefully managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising spend.

We take a strategic, data driven approach to Paid Search, taking all baseline knowledge available to create a foundation to work from, including interviews with you, the domain experts and stakeholders. From there we seek to continually improve your campaigns to maximum ROI, continually tuning and tweaking.

Your Paid Search campaigns will be set up in highly focused, relevant groupings of keywords and ads to effectively target your customers. From there, we continually optimize your campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar you put into advertising. We are always testing and adjusting:

Why You Need It

Odds are if you are here, you mostly know why. The great thing about Paid Search is the immediacy and flexibility. While it does take some time to get everything set up, it is easily the fastest solution to start advertising your company. Compared to SEO, website development, and other facets in Internet Marketing, it is positively speedy! Budgets allowing, one can bid on an almost infinite universe of keywords. But with power comes responsibility, that’s why you hire a professional.

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