Conversion Rate Optimization

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It’s not enough to just drive traffic to your site. Your visitors have to act when they get there. Sure, more traffic is the most logical answer to increasing sales but if less than 1% of your visitors actually turn into paying customers then you could be missing out a huge amount of sales.

A conversion can be something small like a customer subscribing to an email list or just adding a product to their cart or something bigger and more rewarding like subscribing to a service from your business, purchasing and ordering a product, or requesting a quote for future service. All of these can be tracked! Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Traffic Conversion Optimization is the process of continuous testing of several landing page factors such as headers, copy, layouts, buttons, product pictures, font, and anything else you could imagine on a webpage to maximize the amount of visitors that perform a desired action, otherwise known as a conversion. It’s one of the only parts of your marketing channel you have complete control over and can have immediate payoffs. Instead of waiting 6 months to double your traffic, you could optimize your landing pages to potentially double your conversion rate. Fast. Trackable. Awesome.

Why You Need It

Performing conversion optimization on your website is more like signing up for a gym membership than a quick boot camp. It’s an on going process where we are constantly training your website to compete in the online market. Your online market space is always changing, as new features, trends, widgets, and other gadgets are invented to make the user experiences that much better. So don’t wait to train a week before the marathon, have Gravity Internet Marketing whip your website into shape to keep you ahead of the curve and your competition in the dust.

The Gravity Solution

Testing, testing, and more testing. We take a scientific and precise approach to conversion optimization by testing key elements of your webpage one at a time. It’s impossible to just guess what content, call to actions, layout (etc.) that work best for turning your customers’ clicks into conversions. This is why traffic conversion optimization exists and it’s something we’re passionate about. By constantly testing and gathering data, we take all the guesswork and bias out of what really works. In the end, the numbers don’t lie.

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